Your Green Future—if any

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vermontWe’re occasionally apologetic for obsessing over energy policy, especially as driven by global warming hucksterism. So it’s a welcome development when an adversary openly explains what the green movement has in store for you.

When it comes to spelling out the need for maximum resistance against environmentalist totalitarian wannabes, we could never do the job quite so persuasively as an environmental profiteer in a moment of probably unintentional candor.

The link is to a story about David Blittersdorf, president of All Earth Renewables, who envisions mandating drastic lifestyle changes on Vermont residents that may not save the planet but are sure to make a great deal of money for Herr Blittersdorf.

For two reasons, we found this quote to be particularly telling:

“Vermont is in an ideal place: we’re a small state, we have low population density, and we have resources. We have the wind, sun and hydro. We can be the example for the rest of the United States and a large part of the world,” [Blittersdorf] said. “If we can’t make renewables work here, I don’t think anybody can. We have to be the leader.”

The key words, of course, are “low population density,” an imperative when relying on “resources” with low energy density—resources that require mile upon square mile of land area to—sometimes—deliver the energy available 24-7 from a fossil-fueled facility requiring perhaps half a city block. Why is it that environmentalist poseurs invariably insist upon the massacre of the landscape?

“Low population density” is freighted with meaning also in that it identifies what the environmental Left regards as the key problem, namely you, i.e., people. In a world where the rules are made by the likes of David Blittersdorf, anything can happen.

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