You didn’t buy that…

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signatureDuring the presidential campaign two years ago, we learned about Barack Obama’s attitude toward people who work hard to build successful businesses: “You didn’t build that.” As in, you owe your success to government.

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that the same attitude applies to franchisees who purchase the right to operate under national branding. In this case it works out to something like “You didn’t buy that,” implying that the franchisee’s right of ownership, like that of the sole proprietor, is dubious and subject to plunder by government on behalf of favored constituencies.

So hats off to McDonald’s Corp., for vowing to fight the decree by National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard Griffin, claiming the people working at your local McDonald’s are direct employees of the corporation, not of the franchisee.  This, of course, is a setup for Mr. Obama’s favored Service Employees International Union to bust the door down and unionize McDonald’s—a tall order if it has to be done one franchise at a time.

Mr. Griffin is exactly what you’d expect from this administration, with a union resume including nearly three decades with the International Union of Operating Engineers and a stint on the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee—a nice, impartial arbiter, in other words.

And the assault against private business continues.  With the world’s attention fixed on Islamist butchers establishing another terrorist quasi-state in the Mideast, last week was the perfect time to issue another executive order rigging the game against government contractors who don’t cave to union pressure. 

The good news is, the next executive to hold the office can undo any executive order. The bad news is, undoing the willful damage of the next two and a half years will be a lot harder.

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