Women Making War on Women

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warriorSaddled with a gubernatorial candidate who affects bafflement when a friendly reporter asks what she was doing in 1993 and ’94, Wisconsin Democrats looked like they’d picked the wrong woman to carry the banner in their War on the War on Women.

But that was before Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, their candidate for Attorney General, outperformed Burke by making it really, really clear that a woman’s eligibility for Democrats’ support depends on her helpfulness to Democrats’ political ambitions.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a Jefferson County man accused of child sexual assault after buying Happ’s house had an easier-than-expected time with the D.A.’s office, which delayed his case and finally knocked the charge down to disorderly conduct, no jail time.

It’s also come to light that after the story broke, an activist Democrat official in the D.A.’s office discouraged the victim from talking publicly about the soft treatment of her assailant. The victim has filed a complaint against Happ with the state’s Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Naturally, when a woman objects to the conduct of a woman fighting the Democrats’ War on the War on Women, that means war!

And so the Happ campaign rolled out an unfortunate reminder of the last time a Democrat occupied the Attorney General’s office. Former A.G. Peg Lautenschlager (last seen losing a primary after drunk-driving a state-owned car into a ditch,) pronounced the assault victim not credible, given that her complaint might interfere with the political advancement of Democrat Happ.

Former Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow had a good answer.

Perhaps the Happ campaign takes the attitude that in Lautenschlager’s drive-by assault, the victim had it coming. No soft treatment for women who get in the way of fighting the War on the War on Women.

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