Will Milwaukee Get Serious?

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city-hallIt will be fortunate indeed, if the statistics cited here remain current through the two days before you read this.

The City of Milwaukee recorded its 88th homicide of the year during the past weekend. The toll for all of 2014 has been equaled, with more than five months remaining this year.

Often as not, perpetrator and victim both have past, sometimes extensive, criminal histories, but far too often the victims are innocent residents of crime-ridden neighborhoods whose chances of being found by a bullet are unacceptably high in a theoretically civilized community.

A few weeks ago, some local officials appeared briefly to grasp the problem, but their sensible impulse quickly degenerated into a throw-away call for a legislative study.

Hot tip for Alderman Witkowski: You don’t need a legislative study to figure out what’s going on. Check the prior arrests of just about any perpetrator and then ask a judge—not a legislator—why the guy wasn’t in prison.

Aside from a few presumably sincere angry words, the lamentable reaction of Milwaukee officialdom has been one of complacency, as measured by resistance to dealing differently with criminal behavior.  Mayor Tom Barrett sounds genuinely baffled by violence occurring in his “safe city”—an unsurprising reaction, given that his alternative is to recognize how the un-serious Liberal attitude toward street crime promotes more street crime.

How un-serious?  How about declining to pursue suspects even if they attack a police cruiser?

While city leaders groped for anything other than their own policies to explain the slaughter, two more kids stopped bullets during the past weekend.

Now that things have gotten so bad the Journal-Sentinel is willing to risk blowing the cover of Liberal crime policies, whether Milwaukee will “get serious” is a question suddenly worth asking,

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