We’ve seen it all before

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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postLike a bad dream getting steadily worse and stubbornly refusing to end in time to avert disaster, the Obamacare chamber of horrors this week claimed among its likely casualties countless volunteer fire departments.

Ah, well…all in a day’s work for The Transformational Presidency.

The administration is now blackmailing insurance companies into covering people as of January 1 even if they aren’t enrolled, lending further credence to the suspicion that the goal was always to create so vast a mess that a total government takeover could be simply decreed and a panicked nation would go along.

And that was a tripwire. The notion of abject failure being redeemable by more intensive application of the same bad medicine that caused the catastrophe had an eerily familiar feel.

Consider the modern welfare state. Nobody even casually exposed to the Liberal Handbook of Facile Excuses can be unfamiliar with the claim that the only problem with income redistribution—or “progressive” education, or racial preferences, or regulatory overreach; take your pick among Liberal undertakings that have blighted society—is that we haven’t done enough of it.

What we are now witnessing in Obamacare is an attempt—thus far successful- to replicate the creation of the welfare state in a matter of four years instead of 50, and with magical deadlines upon which everything is deemed fully functional and irreversible.

One sign that things could eventually get better—though they are absolutely  guaranteed to first get worse—came from California Congressman Darrell Issa, who gave Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a mild hint of the future prospects she and all the architects of this monstrosity might expect, and richly deserve.

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