We’re ready for Hillary, too

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2016We’ve been thinking it might be fun to get one of those “I’m ready for Hillary” bumper stickers, but it strikes us how few we’ve seen in and near the Liberal beehive of Madison.

We’re far from the first to remark about the lack of fire among Democrats heading into a presidential race in which their nominee seems predetermined ahead of the starting gun. The people who proved their virtue in 2008 by voting for the first black President get to prove their virtue in 2016 by voting for the first woman President.  It appears not so much a charge as a trudge.

Keep that in mind, and the recent flurry of Clinton-adverse headlines is more readily seen for what it is: not a sudden outbreak of journalistic integrity but the turnout for a five-alarm fire threatening to immolate Liberalism’s substantial gains since 2009.

Hence the media boomlet for Martin O’Malley and his tryout for Obama version 2016, defined as a Liberal with an undistinguished record in state government, catapulted onto the national stage as the Left’s next big hope.

If neither O’Malley nor any more doctrinally pure Liberal catches on, expect the New York Times and all the rest to return quietly to Hillary-worship and the treatment of all her likely felonies as old news.  Clip and save the stuff that comes out between now and then.

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