We’ll always have Parisites

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thermometerOur apologies for the spelling. Let’s just say the rest of the world pretended to commit to bogus planet-saving measures at last week’s Paris climate gabfest, and the U.S. let them pretend. Before you know it, the pretenders will be back for more.

Jetting off to conferences in glamorous tourist destinations to hector other people into forking over money as atonement for some imaginary offense is what these con artists do. The only thing that’s unique in this instance is the worldwide scope of the fraud.

Did we say fraud, marking ourselves as “deniers” of climate change? No, we said “fraud” knowing Earth’s climate is constantly changing in one way or another, and the fraud lies in convincing people that the ceaseless changes are uniformly bad, that humanity’s trifling emissions of an atmospheric component that’s essential to life are destructive of life, but that everything can be set right by ongoing transfers of cash.

If you doubt the cash is all that really matters, consider that our eminent Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced the U.S. will double its multi-billion dollar annual climate handouts, moments before  admitting it would make no difference to the climate if every industrialized nation simply vanished. The preposterous four-minute sequence begins about 22 minutes into his seemingly interminable speech.

Of necessity, the demonization of skeptics proceeds apace: They must be deterred from exposing the con. The firing of France’s leading TV meteorologist just before the conference will suffice as an example.

Meanwhile, we learn that a fellow in Thailand could spend 32 years in prison for “liking” a Facebook post lampooning the king.

Not the same thing, you say?  Au contraire, it’s precisely the same thing, differing only in degree. Stick around. We’re getting there.

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