Welcome to the Brave, New World

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Welcome to the spring woodland horizontalThe half-baked new health insurance exchanges launched yesterday with what the President referred to as some “glitches.”  We hope your first 24 hours in the brave, new world of Obamacare have been uneventful and free of “unintended consequences”—a phrase that must have come straight from the Handbook of Soviet Diplomacy if there ever was such a thing.

Count your blessings if you’ve found these first days uneventful, because millions of your fellow Americans have not.  Some have already been victimized by scammers playing off the government’s health insurance takeover, though in terms of outright fraud, we doubt anything will ever top Obamacare itself.

In Ohio, members of the president’s favorite union have gone on strike over lost working hours due to an utterly predictable result of an Obamacare mandate. A union rock-head at the center of the walkout didn’t see it that way, but his more sophisticated comrades do.

Ironically, just about a year ago the Supreme Genius craftily frightened children of all ages by suggesting Mitt Romney would put Big Bird out of a job by cutting the taxpayer subsidies Public Broadcasting insists are insignificant. Now, under Obamacare, Big Bird’s still working, but getting less for it.


Politico, nobody’s idea of an anti-Obama spin operation, finds more examples of the “Affordable Care Act” making health coverage less affordable.

The Internal Revenue Service takes a break from intimidating grassroots Conservatives who mistakenly assume the First Amendment is still in effect, to point out that tens of millions of Obamacare dollars—the first of tens of trillions—have gone missing.

And Neil Cavuto announces he’s had enough, in a commentary that’s about as difficult to interpret as a punch in the nose.  May there be many more like it.

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