Wage Wars

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scale.1We used to joke about leftist “coalitions” more often than not consisting of one guy in an apartment above a pornography store, with a copy machine and ten different letterheads.  What’s changed over the past couple of decades is mainly the address—nowadays a high-end office suite—and access to high-speed internet.

So when we saw an outfit called Americans United for Change attacking two Wisconsin Congressmen for opposing a minimum wage increase, we looked at the area code and figured, here we go again.

Lo and behold, it turns out Americans United for Change—which most mainstream media reporters probably figure is a high-minded, independent, good-government group offended by those penny-pinching Republican Congressmen—is really a union-backed operation closely tied to the Obama campaigns.

The interest of Obama organizers in making trouble for GOP House members is obvious enough.  And the unions like minimum wage increases not because any of their members earn minimum wage, but because it establishes a base above which their actual wages are set: The minimum wage goes higher, their wages go higher.

Not to mention a higher minimum wage reduces competition for jobs by pricing lesser-experienced workers out of the labor market, allowing unions to corner more job opportunities without interference.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has that story, showing how a non-market-driven wage is really anti-worker.

And meanwhile, the one who expects to benefit by instigating this wage war is found exploiting his own employees—just the women, of course.

Here’s a fundamental truth everyone needs to remember, especially the supposed beneficiaries of this phony campaign: The real minimum wage is zero. It’s what you get paid if you don’t have a job because Liberals and unions have priced your services beyond their value to an employer.

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