Voter ID: The Left Digs in

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digginginA reasonable person might think that when a law has passed multiple court tests in addition to being supported by 70 percent of the electorate, its political opponents would quit whining and look for a fight on more promising ground.  That this hasn’t happened with Wisconsin’s Voter ID law serves to emphasize that the Left sees ballot security as toxic to its electoral prospects.

The Wisconsin State Journal  suggested the only reason there was a not a widespread denial of voting rights in the February primary was because “hardly anyone voted.”

The reality that February primaries are always low-turnout affairs actually highlights the deception of the “hardly anyone voted” statement. Even in the context of a low-turnout election—this time featuring but a single statewide contest—more people turned out to vote than expected.

As multiple states have tried to strengthen ballot integrity during recent years, the Left has consistently misrepresented photo ID laws as attempts to suppress voter participation, and yet, last month’s Wisconsin primary is far from the first time turnout has exceeded expectation following enactment of voter ID.

So now we get to watch a textbook example of the Left doing what it always does when it’s gaining no traction on an issue: Pronounce the present reality a crisis and announce that it’s taking steps to address the imaginary emergency.

Even if they were trying, Liberals couldn’t make it more obvious that undermining ballot security is among their top priorities.

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