Voter ID again: Don’t believe your lying eyes.

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Voter Ballot - Democrat or RepublicanThat massive silence you noticed two weeks ago was the absence of complaint about eligible voters being denied their rights in Wisconsin’s spring election. Historically a low-turnout event, it’s been vulnerable to manipulation by well-organized interest groups—think teacher unions—but a Wisconsin spring election with high voter turnout seldom spells good news for the Left.

Last Friday, State Representative Chris Taylor’s taxpayer-financed E-Update warned of—to borrow her headline:

Voter Suppression

Rep. Taylor is—to use a polite term—carefree in combining claims that run afoul of one another to produce an alternative reality. To quote from her missive:

“After last week’s election, two things were clear – The GOP’s extreme Voter ID law played out exactly as it was designed to and the lack of a public information campaign about the law drove people from the polls. Students were especially hard hit, with several campuses experiencing hours-long lines.”

Rep. Taylor (D-Madison) says that during legislative deliberations on the Voter ID bill, “’giddy’ GOP lawmakers acknowledged [it] would most negatively affect the ability of students and minorities to vote.”

Well, pardon our nitpicking, but we’re wondering how to reconcile something that “drove people from the polls” with “hours-long lines” of student voters—precisely the people allegedly targeted for turnout suppression.

Associated Press numbers say more than 100,000 people voted in Dane County for presidential candidates, 65 percent of them for Democrats. Other than the inflated (sort of the opposite of “suppressed”) turnout, that sounds about as routine as it gets.

And so does a Madison Liberal telling people whatever they just saw with their own eyes was really something else.

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