Trouble at the Tailgate Party

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faultThe 2013 Atlantic hurricane season ended Saturday without a bang, or for that matter, a whimper. Despite official predictions of an unusually active hurricane season, 13 tropical storms—just one more than average—formed in the Atlantic Basin from May through November, and no hurricane made landfall in the U.S.

We bring this up in a newsletter chiefly concerned with economic and personal freedom because none of the information in the preceding paragraph will stop the Obama administration reciting its ritual lies about increasingly destructive weather events, to advance its methodical assault on economic and personal freedom.

Because these lies are deployed over and over again to justify suffocating energy regulations purported to safeguard the climate, a brief review of weather trends is in order. This year’s hurricane season wasn’t the only recent one to disappoint those hoping to implicate U.S. energy use in an increase of natural disasters.  The 2009 season fell short of forecasts as well.

The November tornado outbreak looked unusual until we checked records and found no month in which tornadoes have never occurred in the U.S., nearly 500 November tornadoes over the past half century, and an overall record low number thus far in 2013.

Keep all that in mind, along with the fact that a regime trying to solidify its grip on power will hunt for scapegoats everywhere.

The substantive difference is that the Obama Administration wants scapegoats in place of action against genuine polluters who are cozy with the government, but its tactics are exportable.  Hide your charcoal.

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