Third World Democrats

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next generation LED light bulbWe obsess about energy.

Here’s why:
Inexpensive energy is on a surprisingly short list of things that differentiate the United States from, say, Zimbabwe. Don’t dismiss English common law or the Federalist Papers, but their limitations are apparent if you can’t heat homes or power industry—and Washington, D.C. swarms with people bent on eradicating the energy sources that make those things affordable.

The implications far exceed mandates to buy stupid-looking light bulbs.

Exports of American liquefied natural gas are being cited as an effective, non-military response to the first armed seizure of sovereign European territory since 1938. The topic is pertinent partly because to please its green constituency, the Obama administration is dragging its feet on permits to build export terminals, so Ukraine stays hostage to Russian gas.

This month, the administration is expected to decide on adding more than 750 species to the endangered species list by 2018, the better to bring vast new swathes of Western land under federal control and block fossil fuel production, to please the greens. Uncounted American jobs may stay uncounted forever.

Again last week, 28 people who think you are idiots stayed up all night in the U.S. Senate, pretending they won’t rest until there’s action against global warming and hoping you’ve forgotten they control the Senate, could bring up global warming legislation any time they’d like to, and haven’t.

All to advance a political agenda the Gallup Poll identifies as a non-starter. With Democrats staking their 2014 election hopes on climate-change scaremongering, this month Gallup found the issue ranks virtually dead last among Americans’ concerns.

The top-ranked concerns—economic issues and health care—Democrats need to avoid.  Climate scares are a desperate distraction; affordable energy becomes a scapegoat.

They’ll settle for a third-world country, if they can rule it.

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