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water_shutWe’ve picked on Illinois as an example of the consequences befalling states governed for decades by Liberal Democrats: sticky-fingered crony capitalism, atrocious schools, self-defeating taxation, government accounting that would land any private-sector CFO in prison, and ultimately insolvency.

Illinois suffers from all those ills and California isn’t far behind. The gold-coasters of Chicago and Beverly Hills could save themselves by learning from the spectacle on display in Detroit.

The ghastly result of generations of one-party rule by Democrats, Detroit flails to pull back from the brink of becoming—there’s no kind way to say this—a third world basket case.

The bills have finally come due, figuratively and literally, for decades of the kind of governance only leftist unions, community organizers, and limousine Liberals would dare to defend, and the bankrupt city is taking the step—noncontroversial in ordinary first-world locales—of shutting off water service to people who ignore their bills.

Many do. Detroit is holding more than $90 million in delinquent water bills for 90,000 customers. The shutoffs triggered the predictable guerrilla street theater and exploitation of supposed “victims” by the hard-core Left.  But there’s nothing new in that:  exploitation is what Detroiters are used to.

The leading opponents of Detroit’s struggle for solvency and functional governance are Left-wing unions, accompanied by lots of arrested-development types who imagine themselves championing human progress by demanding that others give them things for free.

What’s relevant is that this can happen anywhere. Anyone who saw the Madison mobs in 2011 knows they had Wisconsin following Detroit’s path and would take it the rest of the way if given the chance.

Take your cues from National Nurses United, the AFL-CIO, PETA and the Sierra Club, and you, too can create a bankrupt, third-world kleptocracy.

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