The War on Sense

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Dictionary Series - Politics: attorney generalPolitics contains no principle so consistent or universal as the laws of physics, but one that might come close is the demonstrated tendency of electoral failure and popular rejection to make the Left insist all the more vehemently on having its way.

Understand that, and the obsessions and insanities that comprise today’s Democratic Party playbook—the “war on women,” the evil Koch brothers—begin to make sense as the only weapons the Left can safely deploy: nobody wins an election by demanding half the voters’ possessions and all of their approval. An enemy must therefore be manufactured.

It’s because Democrats across the board have embraced this approach to seeking office that their defeat is now necessary everywhere. Wherever they win, they will begin turning the system of government itself into an engine of chaos.

Little indication of this is likely to come from the Democrats’ nominee in Wisconsin’s race for Attorney General. This month’s primary eliminated the two most blatant of the Democrat contenders, leaving Republican Brad Schimel the task of defeating the one best suited to conceal any intention of toeing the line for her party’s unhinged base.

In fact, they’ve toed that line for quite a while. The last time Wisconsin elected a Democrat Attorney General, the office was used—for the most part unsuccessfully to target lawfully operated, legitimate businesses with frivolous litigation, typically on contrived environmental grounds.

If you doubt that Susan Happ would stage a repeat performance, you’re overlooking the most important aspect of her candidacy. With all due respect, It isn’t Susan Happ, it’s who wants her to hold the office.

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