The War on McDonald’s

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cheeseburgerThe high and mighty of the Democratic Party sneer at fast-food jobs, calling them unworthy of the often minimally-skilled workers who hold them.  But those jobs fill a vital need for such workers: the opportunity to get paid while acquiring stronger skills.

Now, in an oh-so-typical overabundance of false solicitude for the welfare of those workers, the Obama administration has acted to make the jobs that are available to them harder to get.

Last Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board did what’s been long expected, broadening the definition of a “joint employer” to drag countless businesses within reach of easier organizing attempts by favored unions.

Guess who really gets hurt if McDonald’s has to negotiate with a monolithic, nationwide collective bargaining unit?  The company is already struggling conspicuously to boost its earnings, confirming recently it will close more U.S. outlets than it opens this year, for the first time in four decades.
Already beset, the company may soon have to reckon with the reality that the kids behind the counters in San Francisco and New York are not going to work for the wages their counterparts in Des Moines and Kankakee might be willing to accept.  Get ready for the eight-dollar Big Mac.

Or, get ready for the four-dollar Big Mac served by a robot that won’t be yanked onto a picket line by the Service Employees International.

Predictably, at the intellectual nerve center of elite Liberal opinion, they get it completely wrong, starting with the false assumption that people who work at McDonald’s are employees of McDonald’s Corp.

Barack Obama has certainly delivered on one promise: He’s fundamentally transforming America, in this instance as in others, into a place where a huge element of his constituency, young minority people, can’t find a job.

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