The Second Front

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Stop Global WarmingA government setting out to render the populace fearful of opposing or even questioning its actions may ponder various methods of instilling that fear, but will find none more efficient than to seize control of two things: access to health care and consumption of energy.

A dimwit might regard it as coincidence that controlling those two things happens to be the highest priority openly pursued by the Obama administration.

The colossal health care failure of the past six weeks has the earmarks of government’s familiar custom of “failing upward,” in which the unvarying explanation for something not working is that it needs to be done more intensively.

Even if much of the coverage appears designed to serve “the incompetence defense”—steering attention toward the idiotic web site and away from the horrors awaiting health-care consumers who get past the technological moat—that’s being covered exhaustively.

Covered barely at all was the November 1 executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency to “prepare the nation” to manage the stresses of global warming.

The hyper-efficient EPA managed to announce its “adaptation plan” the very same day.

Reading these documents is mental torture. In summary, they falsely assert that a climate that’s been measurably benign of late is really the opposite, and go on to say forestalling prospective weather crises may require “additional control measures” over energy production.

Inexpensive energy has been a key ingredient of American prosperity.  Prosperous people are harder to push around than people who worry about keeping warm in the winter and whose mobility is restricted by energy costs.

The Obama EPA has spent five years aggressively regulating so as to reduce energy options and drive up prices.  Now they’re telling us a lot more is coming.

Draw your own conclusions.

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