The same, only worse

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keeprightIt seems reasonable to assume the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s hand-picking of Mary Burke as its 2014 challenger to Governor Walker is the result of a well thought-out plan to deliver a nominee who could not be painted as more of the same. Conventional wisdom being that “another Dane County Liberal” is automatically at a disadvantage.

We’d credit such reasoning as fundamentally sound, but there’s a glaring problem with the execution: The Democrats reasoned, they focus-grouped, they compiled the details and assembled a police-artist sketch of what their ideal candidate would look like, and came up with…another Dane County Liberal.

Aside from her home address and past political affiliations, probably nothing has made this so plainly obvious as Burke’s double-talk about mining in northern Wisconsin, the issue we raised recently about her regarding natural resources as so precious that it might be a mistake to use them as, um…resources.

But this past week may be an even more defining one for Burke and her campaign. If there’s anything more dangerous than a Dane County Liberal to the freedom and material well-being of Wisconsin residents, it’s an Obama Liberal, and it turns out the Burke campaign is busily bulking up with them.

This is good news-bad news. It will be impossible to hide what animates the Burke agenda: statist collectivism, taxpayer dollars flushed down the drain of green-energy boondoggles, political payoffs to favored victim groups. But these people have built successful careers by convincing voters that the thing standing right before their eyes, isn’t. They’ve made a science of deception.

Early Republican efforts to remind voters of Burke’s role in the Doyle administration seemed to make sense. Now, the new lineup of campaign operatives suggests a Burke administration might make the Doyle years look good by comparison.

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