The Saboteurs

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SaboteursWe once remarked to a colleague about the difficulty of naming a foreign adversary that had done as much in armed conflict to threaten the future viability of the United States as a free country as Barack Obama has done as president.

The colleague’s reaction was to question our sanity.  That was about a year ago. We wonder what he thinks now.

Over the weekend we found, carefully concealed amid news of chaos erupting around the world, that the invasion across our southern border has been much larger than the administration has been letting on.

Earlier, prominent Democrats openly advocated for throwing open the border to all comers, without heed for national security or public safety concerns, essentially pushing to discard U.S. sovereignty.

And as for those national security concerns, it’s obvious that kids from Honduras aren’t the only ones who can figure out that there are virtually no obstacles to entering this country, whatever your purposes.

As if the prospect of terrorists entering from virtually anywhere in the world weren’t bad enough, the failure of border enforcement threatens to trigger a public health crisis of staggering proportions. It’s a sign of the times that an elected official who tries to do his job—or who tries to do the job others are supposed to do and refuse—can expect to come under attack for trying to protect the country. Just ask the governor of Texas.

And if you’re thinking at least the border is remote and a long way off from Wisconsin, think again. Hundreds of immigrant children could be coming here.  Voters have 105 days before the November election, to contemplate whether they’re willing to trust any candidate whose party expects to benefit from this anarchy.

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