The red-faced reindeer

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flynnQuite possibly the most instructive thing that will come out of the Milwaukee Police Department’s loss of videotaped interrogation records affecting—depending on which sources you believe—as few as seven or as many as thousands of cases—may be to clarify the limits on how deeply the city’s law enforcement hierarchy will bow to protect Liberal orthodoxy.

Chief Ed Flynn has tried hard to play down the extent of losses and the cost of repairing the damage to the recorded interrogations—recordings required by state law—but reporter M.D. Kittle this past weekend came up with some numbers showing how much of a strain that minimizing must be.

Last week Flynn brusquely denied a request from state lawmakers asking him to appear at a legislative hearing regarding the “catastrophic failure” within his department.  Flynn brushed off the hearings as “political reindeer games” and said he’s not playing. In 2013, Flynn went to Washington, D.C. to attend a U.S. Senate hearing, taking the occasion to rail against the Second Amendment.
He blamed that portion of our Constitution for the rapid accumulation in Milwaukee of dead bodies, often of children, piling up thanks to the behavior of people whose past criminal behavior had long since cost them their Second Amendment rights, or would have, in any community where safety is assigned a higher value than face-saving.

So we wonder if there’s a breaking point beyond which Ed Flynn will no longer be able to stomach defending a system that squanders the efforts of his cops day in and day out, putting violent felons back on the street to keep trying, or if he really is content being a “political reindeer.”

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