The Permanent Speech War

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erasingconstitutionLast week we noted the clear strategic decision by Democrats to run against the First Amendment in the 2014 elections, and we’ll be regularly revisiting the issue, considering that once the fundamental right to political speech is lost, its restoration may come at a fearsome price.

And every day, it’s more obvious that Democrats in their juvenile ignorance intend to make political speech a commodity to be rationed by a government they intend to control.  A blast email last week from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called restriction of First Amendment freedoms “a chance to strip the power away from the Koch brothers and give it back to the people.”

So restricting speech is the antidote to big donors influencing elections; the means to deliver “political equality for all.”  As usual when the Left goes to work, the result would be the opposite. Only those who can afford high-priced legal advisers could speak without fear of being ensnared by impenetrable campaign finance laws. Small players would criticize well-financed incumbents at their peril.

But Democrats clearly expect a majority of Americans to embrace the stunningly childish idea that free speech should be allocated on the basis of who we like, and denied to those we envy or resent.

The concept is worse than un-American or even anti-American: It is anti-human. The past half-century’s systematic dumbing-down of civic education at the hands of Democrats and their white-collar union allies has finally enabled the aspiring dictators among us to invite citizens to engineer the undoing of their own liberty, and to imagine the undoing to be a patriotic act.

That a free America would prevail over 20th century totalitarianism abroad was always the likeliest outcome. Repeating the triumph at home in the 21st century is far less certain.

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