The Obamacare Blues

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hurricane_moneyLast week The Hill reported on more insurance industry voices crying out that financial losses from covering Obamacare enrollees are becoming—hold onto your hats—“unsustainable.”

Not being Liberals we aren’t sure, but we suspect that word is about the strongest pejorative it’s possible to use nowadays without being forced to issue a groveling apology to some aggrieved interest group. The report follows on the heels of a Blue Cross Blue Shield Association report that Obamacare clients are lots more expensive to cover than other insurance customers. Well, boo hoo hoo.

Some of us said this directly to Republicans in the insurance business before Obamacare became established fact, so we aren’t exactly brimming with sympathy in repeating it today: Obamacare is designed to strangle the private health insurance industry and those who play along looking for sweetheart deals are assisting in their own eradication, facilitating the planned government takeover.

Some nodded ruefully before returning to the deal-cutting. Others weren’t that principled.

Anyway, now it’s reality but four paragraphs into last week’s story we still came upon this: “While analysts expect the market to stabilize once premiums rise and more young, healthy people sign up…”

Wait a minute.

Is there no editor at The Hill who would think to send a reporter back to either find some analysts who don’t seem obviously insane, or get the first batch to explain why they think higher premiums go hand-in-hand with more healthy, young people signing up to pay them? That’s as logical as thinking your business will improve once it’s controlled by a government that dictates what it sells and how much it charges.

Executives in one industry after another are figuring out that you don’t make deals with someone who resents your very existence.  Good work. Too late.

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