The New Progressive Agenda

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media-repeatWith Americans’ continuing rejection of plans to turn the United States radically leftward, Democrats in Congress have watched their numbers plummet to the lowest in nearly a century, and the same trend has reversed Democrats’ past domination of individual state governments: 31 of the 50 have Republican governors and the GOP controls 68 of the 98 state legislative chambers filled by partisan elections.

Thanks in large part to the Obama brand of leftism, in states where one party controls the governor’s office and both legislative houses, Republicans now lead 23-7.

Recognizing this, Democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature moved last week to replace old, stale Liberal nostrums with a new agenda, supplanting the drab, redistributionist formulas of the past with calls for a minimum wage increase, accepting Obamacare money to attract more people into the Medicaid program, and higher spending for public schools.

Oh. Wait…

Yeah, it’s the same, tired, flyblown junk as usual. Frustrated in three consecutive elections, Senate Democrats replaced ex-minority leader Chris Larson with someone less attached to the practice of politics by guerrilla street theater, but La Crosse Senator Jennifer Shilling still needs an agenda beyond the politics of envy.

Snarking about the governor’s potential bid for the presidency won’t suffice: nobody on the Democrats’ legislative roster looks much like a prospect for the governor’s office, much less President of the United States.

It might occur to Sen. Shilling to consider that Governor Walker would have no opportunity to be “distracted” by interest in a presidential candidacy except that he’s been articulating ideas and enacting policies that resonate with millions of voters from coast to coast.  Democrats should try it some time.

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