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vermontLast year Forbes magazine rated Vermont the 42nd “best” state as a place to do business, probably to be expected where voters elect leftists like Governor Peter Shumlin and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Vermonters are free to choose the economic stagnation that follows their liberal policies. Trouble is, the state with the second smallest population is practicing another bad habit common to jurisdictions of leftist inclination, exporting its bad ideas so the whole country is compelled to abide by them.

Moreover, there’s a regrettable hesitation to decline Vermont’s blessings. Last week the U.S. Senate came up short on a bill prohibiting unique state labeling requirements for the dreaded food products made with genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Vermont was the first state to require such labeling.

Vermont’s ideological warning against harmless products will have two predictable consequences: Consumers in all 50 states will see food prices inch upward; and Vermont’s consumers will have fewer choices when smaller producers can’t afford to do business there.

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