The Great Undoing(s)

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train-derailLast Friday brought confirmation that Barack Obama has decided to undo Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

Nothing else can plausibly explain Friday’s New York Times report that “senior government officials” had tipped the Times to a pair of inspectors general asking the Justice Department to investigate potentially criminal mishandling of classified information on Clinton’s hack-prone private email server.

In newspaperese, “senior government officials” are people who leak what the president wants leaked.

As usual when the Clintons are involved, things don’t add up. A Reuters story that also appeared in the Times on Friday preemptively answered the key question of any investigation: At least four messages containing information classified “secret” were already found among those Clinton hadn’t destroyed.

Saturday brought additional failures to add up, with Hillary contradicting herself in an Associated Press report.

In paragraph 1 she claimed she “did not know what messages were being cited by intelligence investigators as examples of emails containing classified information.”
But in paragraph 7, asked whether the Justice Department should investigate, she said, “That’s up to them. I can tell you what the facts are.”

But how, if she doesn’t know which emails are in question?

Nobody has even attempted to make this look like an accident, suggesting not one but two undoings in play: Hillary’s and Obama’s.  It’s a given that Obama would prefer a more committed Leftist nominee, but beyond that lies the fear of Hillary’s baggage-laden candidacy delivering a Republican White House. Her undoing is necessary to reduce the risk of a Republican president undoing vast swathes of Obama’s socialist agenda. Eliminate Hillary, and some other Democrat may yet be able to slam the cell door shut behind the American people.

Hillary need fear no Republican more than Barack Obama.

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