The Giuliani Eruption

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It’s increasingly obvious that the scandalized chatter over Rudy Giuliani saying he doesn’t see evidence that President Obama “loves America” aims at two things: portraying Giuliani as a typical Republican nut case, standard playbook stuff for the Left, and discrediting Scott Walker because he was in the room when it happened.

But the harder the Left sells those themes, the more its spin replicates the White House penchant for denying the obvious: The Liberal media dismiss Obama’s lifelong associations with people who detest the United States, even as they loom inevitably in the background of the hit pieces against Giuliani.

Here’s this week’s clue to Obama’s attitude toward the nation—more specifically toward its system of ordered liberty under a constitution that limits the powers of government:

Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission votes on applying early 20th century telephone regulation to the Internet, in a thinly-veiled ploy to extract new taxes and stifle political speech.

Obama and his puppet FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler say don’t worry, they won’t enforce the law’s more antiquated and burdensome provisions.  Translation: they’ll enforce the law selectively, to suit their own convenience. Which group do you think likeliest to be discovered violating federal law? Obama supporters or Obama critics?

We admit they don’t hide what they’re doing, and it doesn’t resemble the European socialism Obama is often accused of favoring nearly so much as the unbridled lawlessness of a third-world dictatorship.

Rudy Giuliani wasn’t wrong but he teed up a needless question, relevant mainly as an excuse for a pretend controversy useful in disrupting the defense of America’s civic and cultural institutions against Obama’s fundamental hostility.
A good rule is to pay less attention to what any president says, than to what he does.

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