The Gift of Obamacare

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Civil War Cannon FireingThe headline that appears above could have been “Look out, here it comes,” and it might well have been used someday, but for the spectacular embarrassment of the Orwellian-named “Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act,” a/k/a Obamacare.

That’s because the depredations of our current masters in Washington, D.C. are limited by one thing only, and it isn’t any law or the constitution. It’s their perception of what they can get away with.

So we had ample reason—in the form of Obamacare—to give thanks when Thanksgiving Day brought a Washington Post opinion column suggesting Barack Obama should be able to seek  a third term—that is to say, there ought to be no limit to the number of terms he could serve: Why not Just make the title “President for Life?”
And no, we aren’t making this up. In the same edition of the Post, Charles Krauthammer reviewed examples of the administration’s characteristic envelope-pushing.

We’ve had nearly five years to learn how necessary it is to redefine “farfetched” for purposes of anticipating what the current administration might be willing to attempt. It’s a delicious irony that outrage over their own prized creation—Obamacare—turns out to be suddenly and seriously limiting what they can get away with from here on out.

Think of it as a warning shot they’ve fired across their own bow.

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