The Fatigue Factor

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happysadpostSixty-one days to go. November 4 will see the most consequential statewide elections in 40 years.  Sixty-two days from now we’ll know which is more highly valued by Wisconsin voters:  government that tries to keep out of the way while people build their own lives, or ever-present, intrusive government ceaselessly promising to help people get even with imaginary oppressors.

We’ve seen how the latter choice works, every time and everywhere it’s been tried, so why does credible polling show the Wisconsin governor’s race too close to call?

Governor Walker this past week cited “fatigue” among Conservative voters. Counting State Senate recalls, voters in many counties have been called to the polls at least seven times since he took office in 2011.  There appears to be—at least one poll suggests—an enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans, and this time it’s switched, favoring Democrats.

Whether it’s enthusiasm or sheer survival instinct, Democrats are more energized—make that relentless—than ever before.   A colleague who isn’t even a member of any political party has received more than 70 spam emails in just the past two weeks from Democrat campaign organizations asking for money.

We’ve written before about the changed dynamics since the early Walker agenda established that genuine reform is possible. Now, every time voters go to the polling place it’s for all the marbles, and at the moment Democrats are behaving like they’re the only ones who know it.

We aren’t overly fond of football analogies but the late Vincent Lombardi’s wisdom applied far and wide when he said “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”  Conservative voters are no cowards but may understandably be tired of having to defend the same ideas over and over. That’s life.  Time to get busy and do it again.

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