The Enforcers

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pumpkinFor the benefit of new readers, we’ll repeat that our obsession with climate and energy issues stems from their exploitation by the militant Left. Every political movement seeking totalitarian control needs an all-purpose bogeyman, a common enemy to distract the masses from their abuse by the regime.

The current regime long ago picked the pseudo-religion of global warming as the organizing principle by which it justifies its ideological mugging of the economy, its ongoing impoverishment of the 99 percent it claims to love, its suppression of free political speech. It’s all about control. Want an example?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is proposing changes to its regulations for states receiving federal disaster relief funds.  States are now warned that if they don’t include planning specifically for climate change-related emergencies—as if tornadoes were unheard-of before the Industrial Revolution—they’re out of luck.

The problem isn’t that states are required to plan how they’ll mitigate the effects of natural disasters.  The problem is they’re being coerced—under penalty of their citizens being abandoned by the federal government in a calamity—into validating the doctrine of Global Warming.  That implicitly means accepting any decree handed down by the Obama administration under the guise of addressing a purported climate crisis.

Winter’s coming. The administration’s anti-carbon ideology made it more expensive for many people to heat their homes last January. Infrastructure-wise and quite deliberately, things are no better now and will get worse.

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