The Energy Policy Shell Game

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Shell game with moneyThe environmental community has always tied itself in knots trying to attribute absolutely everything that happens, weather-wise, to human-induced global warming, but the past two weeks have been especially, um…challenging.

The same week that major airports closed and thousands of flights were cancelled by January’s New England blizzard, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy headed for Colorado to worry that winter sports would soon be a thing of the past.

We didn’t see it but somewhere, we’re betting, some leftist asserted that the blizzard was both caused by global warming and reduced in immensity by global warming.

The Greens’ gyrations are best understood as what passes for subtlety in the Left’s comprehensive campaign to restrict American energy use, exemplified last week by the Obama administration’s combined claims and announcements about U.S. oil production.

The president, 1) claimed credit for the increased production that’s occurred in spite of his active measures to suppress it wherever he can exercise control; 2) announced he was putting an additional umpty-million acres of prime Alaska territory in wilderness status—thus preventing oil exploration—and 3) trumpeted his opening of certain East Coast waters to offshore oil leasing.

Don’t be fooled. The reason he opened the eastern waters is that the combined local opposition and lack of nearby supporting infrastructure make it unlikely anyone will want to try drilling there. And the reason he closed the Alaska acreage is to starve the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which under federal law must be shut down and dismantled if its throughput falls below prescribed limits.

Contrived by a private entity, this would be called sabotage. Committed by the Obama administration, it’s known as energy policy.

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