The End of Law and Order

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fingerprintSome 40 years ago, when the country was in what we assumed at the time to be serious trouble, Republicans often campaigned for public office on a theme of “law and order,” it being implicit that these things would not be properly maintained with Democrats in power.

It was understood that a generalized threat to law and order might arise from left-wing elements bent on destructive behavior encouraged, but not necessarily carried out, by permissive Liberals. That understanding no longer holds.

Hardly a week passes without an example, not of mob rule, but of mob rulers trampling the laws they’re sworn to uphold. So routine are these episodes, society seems hardened to actions that not so long ago would have triggered a constitutional crisis.  Consider:

  • The Obama administration’s illegal refusal to enforce immigration laws and brazenly selective enforcement—or non-enforcement—of federal election laws;
  • The illegal decree delaying the Obamacare employer mandate past the 2014 elections;
  • The criminal conduct of Internal Revenue Service employees leaking confidential information about political donors to their political enemies, and harassment aimed at suppressing political activity by administration critics.

A lawless national administration is one thing. Pervasive lawlessness at multiple levels of government identifies a far more ominous condition. In Milwaukee County:

  • The County Board intrudes upon a privately-financed hotel development, presuming to legislate the wages paid prospective employees of a single, private-sector business; and
  • The Mayor of Milwaukee openly defies state law, saying he’ll continue enforcing an illegal residency requirement for municipal employees.

Permissive Liberals no longer invite lawless actions; they commit them daily. In 1970, it was occasionally necessary for government to check the people’s behavior. Today it is necessary for the people to check government’s behavior and to re-establish the rule of law.

One thought on “The End of Law and Order

  1. Carol Jean

    I agree Obama is the worst thing that could happen to us. We have lost our sight of religion, church, home, family and plunged into this world without hope and faith. We cannot find jobs, because there aren’t any. They do not pay well for the family to exist. The middle class jobs have all gone over seas. To China. I have been worried that China is slowly buying up our country piece by piece, also the Muslim’s are doing the same. No law and order around, they will take our freedom away. The POTUS will not enforce the laws on the books and turns away when someone challenges him on anything. Remember he is right, no matter what. ARROGANT. GOOD ACTOR, WIFE THAT FOLLOWS HIM AND I DO BELIEVE GIVES HIM MORE IDEAS TO HURT THE COUNTRY. Fly our flag high, and if they do not respect it, then go to hell.


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