The dogs that don’t bark

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silentdogSherlock Holmes fans will remember “The dog that didn’t bark,” giving the great detective his dis-positive clue that the crime under investigation was committed by the dog’s owner.

That was 19th century fiction, and entertaining; 21st century truth is downright chilling, where the disgraceful silence of non-barking First Amendment watchdogs is concerned.

The week before last a United States Senator seriously proposed, in the pages of The Washington Post, that people who question the theory of catastrophic, human-induced global warming should be prosecuted for felonies under the RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act.

Set aside the fact that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is a daily and often mindlessly embarrassing nag on the subject. His idea should have set off the supposed First Amendment guardians on the Post’s editorial board like a box of Roman candles.  Their actual response: Zip. Zero. Nada.

Of course one Sheldon Whitehouse plus one leashed and muzzled editorial board equals somewhat less than the sum of their parts, but this is no freakish occurrence. With growing impunity, the Left speaks of making it a crime to say things the Left doesn’t like.  We’ve written more than once about Hillary Clinton’s expressed intent to appoint Supreme Court justices who would rule against criticism of the political class.  And so long as the wannabe totalitarians are on the Left, the media—the First Amendment’s most conspicuous beneficiaries—maintain silence.

Some of us have said for decades that Liberals wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to jail conservatives just for the ideas they hold, assuming a deranged culture in which it seemed politically possible. It appears that even among America’s media elites, civic literacy is in such an advanced state of decomposition that the Left now dares to believe its dream is coming true.

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