The Difference it Makes, IV

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analyzingNo need to over  analyze this one. It’s what they call prima facie evidence: sufficient at first impression.

ABC News reports that on September 11, 2012, during the terrorist assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the White House contacted YouTube to warn about the adverse effect of showing the notorious “anti-Islamic video” that, according to the Obama administration, triggered the violence that cost the life of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

What’s news here is that Hillary Clinton and administration apologists have maintained that the notorious video was first blamed for the murders in talking points crafted after the fact by the Central Intelligence Agency. We now know someone in the White House was rolling out the “blame the video” story as the events in Benghazi occurred.  Creepily, contact with YouTube was made at 9:11 p.m.

Other sources indicate the video story came out of the State Department as a pre-emptive apology, issued when a protest really did occur at the American Embassy in Egypt, prior to the Benghazi attack.

All of which tightens the focus on Clinton’s enraged reply to Senator Ron Johnson about the bogus video story.  Think of it this way: If you were a nasty, spoiled little girl, practiced in deceit and expecting to get away with some really bad behavior, what would you say to an inquisitive adult getting too close to the truth:  “Don’t ask me that question,” or, “What difference does it make?”

Naturally, ABC tried to spin the revelation as proof that the administration really, really believed the video was to blame, but we can still thank them for reporting it and, more importantly, the invaluable California Congressman Darrell Issa for digging it out.

The truth will emerge, preferably one hour after Hillary accepts the 2016 nomination.

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