The Difference it Makes, III

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telltruthDon’t expect the media to go after Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, now that White House emails reveal specific planning to deceive the public about the murders of four Americans in Libya.

However much any reporter would love to pursue a story so compelling, they will first weigh the fact that doing their jobs would benefit Conservatives, something most journalists today would regard as an even worse outcome than the terrorist murder of a U.S. ambassador and his security team.

Thanks to Judicial Watch in Freedom of Information Act litigation, it’s verified that the White House coached then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and others to adhere to the lie that the deaths were due to spontaneous outrage over an obscure anti-Islamic video.

It’s also been confirmed that Clinton’s State Department never bothered requesting military assistance for the Americans under siege.

The utter indifference of Obama and Clinton to the safety of Americans and the metastasizing threat to national security encouraged by their behavior may shock many of their supporters, for one reason.

Election-year polling reveals significant numbers of Americans consciously choosing candidates they perceive as caring most about them personally. The Benghazi emails should serve as a long-overdue bucket of ice water in the faces of those millions naïve enough to think Clinton or Obama care about them in the slightest. They care only for protecting their own power and privilege. As for the nation and its people as individuals, we’ve said it before: They don’t give a damn.

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