The Crisis of Competence

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Fired from JobIt’s been a week like any other—that is, any other in Year Six of the Age of Obama.

Assurances that the Ebola virus won’t come here have the same value as the promise that you can keep your health insurance. The elite law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the nation’s chief executive can’t keep an unbalanced, armed invader from penetrating deep into the White House, and lies about its failures.

Add it up: Our all-but fictional southern border, the known but unchecked rise of ISIS, the chaotic incompetence in reorganizing health care as a government enterprise, the Veterans Administration non-treatment scandals, lummox federal policing of school lunchboxes. The sum total is government pretending to direct all the details of everyday life while demonstrating its incompetence to comprehend, much less manage, any of them.

The most amazing aspect of the past week’s blunders?  Someone got fired!

In a culture where no one is ever responsible for anything—“mistakes were made”—but not by anyone, the Secret Service director must have said something extraordinarily impolitic to be the first one canned.

We wish Barack Obama had invented this, but it’s the inescapable destiny of a culture in which dwindling numbers of people know what they’re doing.  Education systems expect little and demand even less; attitudes are the supreme measure of value. Knowing how—or even whether—things should be done is unnecessary: desiring a happy result is sufficient.  Challenges to comfortable assumptions meet with collective scorn. Such a society is a sitting duck for skilled manipulators who would have its institutions destroy themselves.

Some say this happens to people unacquainted with real hardship. That deficiency may soon be remedied.

Barack Obama didn’t create this system, he is simply the most famous of its defective products.

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