The Crisis of Competence, II

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Stop Global WarmingA rhetorical question: Is anyone feeling better about having the U.S. Government in charge of their health care?

Recently we recited a list of clownish federal incompetencies, hilarious except for the cost to innocent bystanders. Increasingly, the costs include peoples’ lives. To paraphrase Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal, Americans’ top request of their government is shifting toward, “Don’t get us killed.”

Instead of fixing the problem, the administration is busying itself with extraneous pursuits, so as to appear engaged in Very Important Things.


Last Week the Defense Department committed the world’s most formidable military to fighting climate change. That’ll boost morale. U.S. forces are already needlessly stressed because too much defense money gets piddled away on idiocies like environmentally-friendly jet fuel at umpty-nine dollars a pint.

A couple of weeks earlier it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security would turn its attention to—you guessed it!—protecting America against climate change.

This replicates precisely the spectacle of Liberal clergymen getting huffy over fossil fuel consumption and scolding their fellow citizens for planet-killing energy use. You sign up for a job, find out it’s really hard, and move on to an easy but high-sounding substitute with the swell advantage that nobody can tell for sure if you’re failing.

Someday an honest politician will title a memoir, “Easy Choices.” In the meantime, we wonder if the concept of limited government, for so long apparently out of reach, is still as impossible as it once seemed. Nothing and no one could make the case as eloquently as the government’s own floundering.

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