The Court: It Never Ends

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keepleftAnn Walsh Bradley will be back for another ten years on the state Supreme Court, but being the most senior after Shirley Abrahamson won’t make her chief justice. A chance to strengthen a constitutionalists majority falls by the wayside, but fundamental reform wins. We’ll take that.

Now watch out: Media behavior just before the election was hauntingly similar to Democratic Party campaign tactics, planting unwarranted suspicion of improper conduct just before voters head to the polls. Watch for more of that.

On Saturday before Election Day, the Wisconsin State Journal published an Associated Press story about a seven year-old arrest warrant for candidate Daley’s daughter. Those of us born less recently than yesterday may regard this as an attempt to portray the 40-year old daughter’s problem with substance abuse—which may or may not still exist—as disqualifying the father from the bench.

Then the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, bringing you yesterday’s news tomorrow, turned up the Sunday before Election Day with a story about events a month and a half earlier, reporting Justice David Prosser’s withdrawal from a pending case in which he may or may not have compromised court rules by seeking information independently.

It’s hardly doubtful that this wretched excuse for a newspaper would seize any opportunity to damage Prosser, but in this instance anyone over the age of four can see through the timing: Did the Journal Sentinel’s crack reporter just find out about the withdrawal—which by the way seems appropriate—or did he save it up in hopes of affecting the election? No prizes for the correct answer.

The take-home message: The Left will never stop trying to smear the reputations of people who impede its use of the courts as a political weapon.

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