The Consequences of No Consequences

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Little girl with books wearing black glassesGeorge W. Bush was never known for being an orator, but since his return to private life we’ve had a five-year demonstration that being known as an orator doesn’t make you one.

So give credit where it’s due. For our money, the 43rd President’s most memorable phrase wasn’t even a complete sentence, but the words, the searing insight, aimed laser-like at a blight that has damaged this society and threatens worse to come: “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

The Washington Post recently produced a classic example of Liberal elites doing what they do best: recognizing a problem but carefully missing the point.

The Post reported a study finding American families increasingly divided by race and economic status, and that the two tend to go hand in hand—a worrisome finding even as the “low expectations” make their inevitable appearance as early as the second paragraph, with the inflation of a high-school diploma to a “degree.”

The story includes politically correct comments about a need to “invest in livable wage jobs” and our “unequal society,” and the goal of “a truly egalitarian educational system.” Our guess is the Post’s sources define the latter differently than we would.

We’d say true egalitarianism means low income students having alternatives to lousy schools. Guess who’s working overtime to deny them alternatives.

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