The Carbon Con Unmasked

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shellgameNowadays, the White House issuing a “fact sheet” as it did this past weekend is the equivalent of formally announcing another load of bilge to rationalize Barack Obama’s shabby and threadbare lies.

The fact sheet—a designation that’s itself a form of lie—on the regulation finalized Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency to defeat the imaginary menace of carbon dioxide-driven global warming gives the game away.

Atmospheric warming ceased almost 20 years ago, according to both of the existing satellite data sets. Never mind. This was never about carbon dioxide or temperatures anyway.

What it is about was always obvious and now verified by the White House Fact Sheet.  It’s about a combination of three things: gaining a stranglehold on the U.S. economy, plundering same to reward crony capitalists, and redistribution of whatever wealth the cronies don’t get.

Some highlights:  the proposed carbon dioxide regulation will “drive more aggressive investment in clean energy technologies…”  “Give a head start to wind and solar deployment…” and create a “Clean Energy Incentive Program” that will “prioritize the deployment of energy efficiency improvements in low-income communities…”

What part of that doesn’t describe tax-dollar giveaways to subsidy-sucking Liberal billionaires and standard-issue spending programs without accountability?  No prize for the correct answer.

Climate alarmists assert that the 14 warmest years since the 1850s have all occurred this century, purporting to differentiate them by hundredths of a degree. As Obama announced his climate plan, three sensors within a stone’s throw of each other on the University of Wisconsin campus simultaneously reported temperatures varying over a range of 1.5 degrees, or about 75 times the difference between what’s claimed as the hottest and next-hottest year.

Wisconsin is suing to block the Obama insanity. On, Wisconsin!

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