The Bozo Defense

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trphyWhen somebody’s telling the truth, their story doesn’t change.

Keeping that in mind, consider that Internal Revenue Service harassment of Conservative organizations was first the work of just a couple of “rogue” agents in the Cincinnati field office.  Then it wasn’t. It included undue scrutiny of Liberal groups as well.  Then it didn’t. Nobody was involved except relatively low-level employees, then last week the office of chief counsel for the entire agency was involved. The chief counsel would be one of only two political—that is Obama—appointees in the whole IRS.

All of which guaranteed the administration’s allies in the media would be repeating the “nothing to see here” mantra and devising plausible reasons why all these things would be happening if, indeed, there’s nothing to see.

The grand prize for creative excuse-making goes to USA Today for recognizing the potential to exploit vanishing trust in government and near-universal disbelief in its competence.
So the new story line is that—Hey! It’s a government agency! What do you expect but incompetence?

The USA editorial board actually has the audacity to say no White House political operatives have been linked to the IRS abuses, when administration hacks, elected Democrats, and even the President himself talked openly and in some cases even demanded IRS investigations of Conservative groups in the months leading up to the first known incidents of harassment.

But never mind. We’re supposed to believe all of this is just another example of harmless, bureaucratic bungling.

We seem to recall it was Charles Krauthammer who pointed out that if those behind the IRS targeting of Conservative groups were incompetent, they wouldn’t have done it so well.

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