The Bad News Boors

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bearsWe guess some of our friends on the Right wanted so badly for Binyamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress to sound “Churchillian” that they keep calling it that, even though it wasn’t, particularly.

What it was, was a superb example of straight talk about a subject in desperate need of straight talk, to a nation that has heard not one syllable of straight talk from its leader over the past half-dozen years. In that sense, it was Barack Obama’s worst nightmare, which explains almost entirely the sophomoric displays put on by congressional Democrats, before, during, and after the speech.

Stated more directly, with an attractive lineup of Republicans already auditioning for a shot at the presidency and their own party saddled with Hillary Clinton as a presumptive nominee, what could possibly be more frightening to Democrats than Americans getting a glimpse of how things might look if the United States had a leader watching out for the safety of this country?

The reaction of Nancy Pelosi and company to Netanyahu’s address was an absolutely necessary defensive reaction from people whose ignorance has been illuminated by the harsh spotlight of truth.

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