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Kennedy_Nixon_DebatAt first we suspected our reaction to the Democrats’ first presidential debate had been influenced by somebody else’s comments. Then we came across near-identical remarks from people who presumably hadn’t talked, and realized we’d all seen the same thing: The Democratic Party has dropped its disguise and consciously decided it’s the right time to openly embrace Socialism.

Thanks for the hot tip, you say?  Well, think about it.

Mere months ago, Bernie Sanders—who for all his ideology probably owes his elected office more to being a curmudgeon than to being an ideologue—was regarded as an exotic creature even by the mainstream media because he identified himself as a Socialist.

But right now the main preoccupation of Democrats seeking their presidential nomination is to corner the support of the substantial minority of the nation’s voters who will back a Democrat no matter what.

The Democratic Party’s current calculation seems to be that a majority of that substantial minority now consists of people who consider it government’s job to make them comfortable, by giving them wealth seized from others and especially by suppressing the views of anyone who disagrees with them.

That is why Jim Webb appeared such an oddity among his fellow debaters the other night. He is last century’s Democrat.  John F. Kennedy would probably have been driven from the stage with pitchforks.

The Democratic Party that nominated JFK is deader than he is. Its replacement, perhaps knowingly, is betting its existence as a political force on the self-absorption of the American voter that it has cultivated for a half-century.

Multiple times since 2009 people have said the future—meaning the way we’ll live for at least a generation—will depend on the next election. This time they’re probably right.

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