Thankless task, redux

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For the benefit of self-described Conservatives who say they mistrust House Speaker Paul Ryan and describe other leaders of the Republican congressional majorities as “traitors,” the traitors, as usual, are putting themselves on the line to try to bail out your sorry…um, yes.

Last Thursday House and Senate Republicans introduced bills forbidding the Department of Labor to finalize its “Overtime Rule” reclassifying salaried employees. The rule more than doubles the threshold for exemption from overtime pay requirements—which must sound nifty to lower-paid salaried workers until they realize it will cost them chances for promotion, scheduling flexibility, and maybe their job.

Of course the bills (S. 2707 and H.R. 4773) will pass both houses, probably even with votes from some Democrats, and of course they’ll be vetoed, just like so many bills repealing Obamacare and blocking other legally dubious expansions of the administrative state by, for instance, the Environmental Protection Agency.

The point is, Congress will have exercised its constitutional powers. When that’s not enough, as it often isn’t under a lawless administration, the remedy is to win the presidency, not to blow the next election. Have you noticed that all the odious enactments of the Obama administration since the 2010 elections have been done thorough unilateral executive fiat? The “traitors” turned off the legislative spigot.

The solution for the remaining problem is to restore constitutional governance, not to run roughshod, Obama-style, over the Constitution as if Conservatives have decided now it’s our turn.

As we often say, if you dislike having to successfully complete multiple steps in order to enact Conservative policy ideas, try imagining how much bigger the Left would have made the mess we’re in now if those steps weren’t there.

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