Terra Incognita

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lightmatchIn these columns over the past several years, there have been more than a few examples of the Obama administration’s lawlessness causing us to reflect seriously on possibilities we would previously have been embarrassed to consider openly.

One of those was what might happen if this uniquely willful regime thought itself in danger of losing an election.  Perhaps a contrived national emergency and postponement of balloting until “stability” could be restored?

At this writing, congressional Democrats were embracing continued leadership by the same Reid-Pelosi crew who just marched them over a cliff, and the administration was lining up unilateral (and illegal) executive actions, so we may now conclude that the regime’s answer to voter rejection is not to preemptively suspend elections, but to disregard them after the fact.

Asserting federal control of the Internet under the guise of “net neutrality” is one of the pending actions and should provoke widespread opposition from both Left and Right. The more immediately offensive action—perhaps undertaken by the time you read this—will be executive amnesty for some five million aliens residing here illegally.

Like CO2 regulation having nothing to do with climate and ObamaCare having nothing to do with controlling health care costs, executive amnesty has nothing to do with integrating aliens—most of whom are already working here anyway—into the U.S. economy. Its whole purpose is to goad Republicans into impeachment proceedings the administration hopes to exploit in an orgy of race-baiting.

Speaker John Boehner, whose House would initiate any such proceedings, aptly described executive amnesty as “playing with matches,” evoking the image of an unbalanced child threatening to burn the house down for his own perverse gratification.

Welcome, friends, to terra incognita.  We’ll be trying to find our way out of it for two long and increasingly dangerous years.

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