Swimming Upstream

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Swimming against the tideWith nothing to offer except ranting about how awful everyone else is, the Left plods along with dead-end strategies like trashing Wisconsin’s economy under Governor Scott Walker, most specifically the pace of job creation compared with Walker’s ambitious goals.

Certainly there are times when those goals seem to have been driven by a hefty dose of exuberance, especially considering who already occupied the White House when Walker took office. Nevertheless, un-spun statistics show Wisconsin’s employment picture improving along with its overall economy on multiple fronts.   Everyone who thinks Barack Obama did that, raise your hand.

Inconveniently for leftists, their gripes about Walker collide head-on with the reality of a U.S. economy that continues to under-perform Wisconsin’s. Recent data from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, which tracks the individual state economies, ranks Wisconsin’s growth trajectory third strongest among the 50 states.

Of course many different measures affect comparisons between one state’s performance and the nation’s.  But one difference in particular would warrant the “elephant under the rug” metaphor, except in this case it’s a donkey under the rug.

Wisconsin enjoys a degree of what could be called economic buoyancy thanks to Walker and the conservative reforms begun in 2011, keeping its head above the economic flood unleashed by the Obama administration.

That would be one explanation for the federal government falling farther in debt while increasing taxes, even as Wisconsin manages to increase tax revenue collections without increasing taxes.

No sensible person would say Wisconsin’s economy today is what we’d like it to be. But given the relentless tide of federal taxation, regulation, and Eastern Bloc-style command and control economic drudgery, Wisconsin is a bright spot.

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