Susan Happ and the War on Women

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warriorIf Mary Burke can overcome her manifest embarrassments and be elected governor next Tuesday—that is, if Democrats can herd enough Scott Walker-haters to the polls and install Burke in his place, Wisconsin may end up with a Democrat in the Attorney General’s office as well.

It simply stands to reason that people who organize their lives around a longing to hurt the current governor will almost certainly mark their ballot for Susan Happ while they’re at it. What would that mean for those of us who have other reasons to get out of bed in the morning?

A lack of focus on dangerous crime seems a pretty good bet. Another botched prosecution of a dangerous criminal on Happ’s watch recently came to light.

A fast and loose approach to easily verifiable matters of public record might be another thing to look for.  Scrambling to make Republican Brad Schimel appear as careless as their own candidate in prosecuting violent offenders, Happ’s allies rolled out a TV ad that was simply a lie, and a readily provable one at that. Liable themselves had they persisted in knowingly circulating the falsehood, three television stations yanked the pro-Happ ad.

If not “fast and loose,” it seems to be “turn ‘em loose” in Happ’s Jefferson County D.A.’s office. The Watertown Daily Union reported that a man who was convicted of killing his girlfriend got off without jail time eight months earlier for severely beating her.

Prior to the alleged shooting, Avery’s most recent contact with law enforcement involved a Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012, domestic incident with Krueger in Watertown. At the time, Avery was charged with domestic abuse-related strangulation and suffocation, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

Nothing in their history suggests Democrats ever let go of tired campaign themes, as the biennial Republican conspiracy to repeal Social Security attests.  But they might want to try vetting their candidates more carefully next time they roll out the “war on women.”

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