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stopSpeaking of proof, had no one thought of it before, last week’s astounding photo of Michelle Obama holding a placard reading “#Bring Back Our Girls” would have tipped off the whole civilized world to the profound non-seriousness of the modern American Left.

We’re told that name translates as, “Non-Islamic education is forbidden,” which seems beside the point given that Boko Haram and like-minded groups prefer women and girls get no education whatsoever.

Since the April 15 raid involved arson and automatic weapons fire, it might be expected to merit the Liberals’ designation as “war against women,” normally reserved for Republicans opposing government-rationed health care.

We’ve long lamented Liberalism’s decline from a recognizable set of policy prescriptions—usually misguided —into a set of attitudes, the display of which is all that ever matters: If you crave an easy way to establish your personal goodness, the reflexive expression of those attitudes will do.  Make the display and the work is done.

This diminishes risk in life until the world’s thugs figure things out, as they demonstrably had by the second year of the Clinton administration.

In a serious administration, including some Liberal ones we remember, the First Lady would be nurturing useful civic improvements instead of posting pouty photos of herself, while her husband quietly arranged the extermination of Boko Haram.

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