Step away from the steak…

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cowThe results of the last two sets of nationwide midterm elections give us reason to believe normally rational people understand this, but it’s never a waste of time to reiterate that big-government Liberals  will never, ever, be satisfied that enough of your life is under their control.

Take, for instance, last Friday’s report from a pair of federal bureaucracies advising Americans to adopt the dietary habits of ruminant quadrupeds, pay a special tax if they eat dessert, and submit to workplace hectoring by officious twits tasked with issuing helpful reminders that we really shouldn’t eat so much, or at minimum should eat more things no one enjoys.

It will hardly come as a surprise that at least some of the impetus for this latest assault on our freedom to decide what we put in our mouths comes from that most smugly loathsome branch of the Leftist family tree, the environmental movement, which grafted itself long ago onto the most pathetic branch, the vegetarians, to make common cause against global warming.

Our recommendation is that they waste no time, head immediately to Boston, begin accosting people who are braving single-digit temperatures to figure out what to do with nine feet of snow, and advise them that they ought not be stocking up with candy bars or digging into a steak when their work is done, because meat production is overheating the planet.

Those people just elected a Republican governor and they will have shovels.  It could be amusing.

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