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marchWe don’t have the time or the space to jump on every story right away, but then sometimes things start to pile up and cause us to look back at items that had seemed to be of only passing interest.

A news story the week before last jogged our memory. It was about the relentless march of ObamaCare bureaucrats to make Americans think twice before ordering food in a restaurant.

The “relentless march” more accurately describes the true socialist’s desire to make others regret engaging in anything enjoyable; in other words, they aren’t content to just mess with your food.

And of course, it’s important to reach people early in life. Think fruit juice is healthy?  Don’t try telling anyone that in a preschool where it’s banned.

More sinister implications are impossible to conceal in an initiative that appears to be nothing more nor less than using taxpayer money for bribing school districts to train students in the concept of government-as-provider, no matter how little the need.

Which brings us full circle, back to an item we first noticed several weeks ago, one that illustrates the fundamental corruption of society by the contrived growth of government.

Even were we in a position to do so, we wouldn’t dream of busting up the kids’ illicit trade in unauthorized condiments. On the other hand, no big-time crook ever started big. How ironic that the Obama administration’s idea of promoting healthy nutrition instructs kids from preschool on up that they need to break the rules to get what they want.

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