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Break the rule conceptWisconsin teacher unions having been built on the United Auto Workers model imported from Michigan half a century ago by WEAC’s Morris Andrews. It’s probably to be expected that the “stop us if you can” mentality would be fully on display in Kenosha, where the UAW ran American Motors into the ground.

Nevertheless, people seemed surprised last week when the Kenosha teachers union announced that the past three years never happened.

What the union actually announced was that the Kenosha Unified School District would soon be making automatic deductions of union dues from teacher paychecks—which would be in direct defiance of Wisconsin law under the 2011 Act 10 collective bargaining reforms. The school district says it won’t be happening.

The simplest explanation is that the union is attempting both to sow and to exploit confusion over the effect of Act 10, playing off litigation and Dane County judicial mischief that itself looks like little more than a delaying tactic, muddying the legal waters for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, in a seemingly but not unrelated development, Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board is moving not to delay, but to accelerate elections certifying unions.  In 2011, a federal court threw out a speed-up rule the NLRB illegally adopted without a quorum.

Now the NLRB is back, proposing a rule requiring employers to give unions personal contact information for all employees and compelling certification elections within 21 days of a petition. Unions get forever to lay groundwork and employers get three weeks at most to respond.

How’s that relate to Kenosha schools?  Just by the implicit admission that workers who have a choice aren’t likely to unionize.

Dues income for the union, not worker protection, is what it’s all about.

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